Only with an open debate can we effectively counter climate change.

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DebateIRA - Climate Champion USA?

America could overtake Europe with Inflation Reduction Act (IRA).

A contribution by Friedbert Pflüger.


Climate Protection: Global Challenges Require Global Solutions

Climate protection is a global task that must also be understood as a global challenge.

A contribution by Monika Griefahn.


The Enormous Performance and Potential of Renewable Energies

With the beginning of the German energy transition, more and more people set up their own local energy supply.

A contribution by Wolfram Axthelm.


Wings Instead of Breaks

Germany is the land of poets and thinkers. Why we must now use this inventive spirit to counter climate change.

A contribution by Vince Ebert.


Climate Change and Energy Supply

What it means to effectively combat climate change - and what role business and industry play in it.

A contribution by Reinhard Hüttl.


Energy Start-Ups from Germany and Europe

Climate change can only be defeated by joining forces. Across Europe, startups are rising to the challenge and developing breakthrough solutions.

A contribution by Hannes Vogel.


Quo Vadis, Energy Transition?

Ideas for achieving renewable-based energy sovereignty in Europe.

A contribution by Alexander Voigt.


Stand on Two Legs

Do not regard climate protection and energy demand as contradictory: Only by sensibly complementing various climate-neutral forms of energy can climate targets realistically be achieved.

A contribution by Franz Josef Radermacher.