The Clean Energy Forum

As an independent forum, we promote an open exchange about all technologies that can help us on our way to climate protection. You can read about the principles we follow and how this exchange takes place here.

A Planet Is Saved

More than 30 years ago, Friedbert Pflüger published the book: A Planet Is Saved. A Chance for Man, Nature, Technology, published by Econ. He wanted to build bridges: between the supposed opposites of ecology and economy. The debates of that time hardly differ from those of today.


New Thinking for a New Time

The Clean Energy Forum addresses the geostrategic and developmental importance of energy and climate policy. We are looking for ways to diversify our energy and raw material sources and want our work to contribute to new climate partnerships with key countries.


Ten Guidelines for Climate Success

We need an open debate about the right technology and energy mix with which the goal of climate neutrality can be achieved after all. It's about creating enthusiasm for new solutions and trusting our ability to find solutions.